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School-Based Disaster and Risk Reduction Management


               rientation, drills and capability training was conducted to equip everyone the skills needed. We

               cannot control some disaster to happen but we can lessen its impact. Knowledge is a key for                   survival…..

               In line with the campaign of Department of Education in equipping learners, teachers and non teaching staff with the necessary skills in preventing untoward incidents to happen or coping up from calamities/disaster, Imus National High School DRRM Team although it’s quite laborious hold different DRRM activities through the support of the of the school community headed by our School Principal Mr. Arturo P. Rosaroso Jr. These effort of having such activities bring peace of mind for us because we know through applying the learnings from it, it will make a safer school community wherein every one knows on what to do if disaster strikes. All DRRM activities are planned carefully according to the needs of the school community.
              At first consultation happened between the DRRM Team on what activities is appropriate and must be given priority. If the body agreed, request letter for approval will be submitted to the DRRM Chief which is the School Head. After that, implementation of the activity will be planned carefully.
After every school DRRM Activities the management see to it that there is always output to ensure that it was delivered properly and understood by its participants. So that one day they will be able to apply the learnings from it.
              Through the Republic Act 10121 or known as “ An Act Strengthening the Philippine DRRM System, Providing for the National DRRM framework and Institutionalizing the National DRRM Plan, Appropriating Funds Therefore and Other Purposes” disaster risk reduction has been given a priority in school community. Gawad Kalasag 2019


      The University of the Philippines Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (UP-NOAH) is a multidisciplinary research center housed in the UP National Institute of Geological Sciences with the goal of helping reduce the impacts of hazards. It seeks to assist the country in disaster risk reduction and management, climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts and related activities through research, development and extension services.
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