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eco-friendly school

              mus National High School a sustainable and eco-friendly school in town has been committed                  promoting a healthy environment.

              As awarded Regional Champion and National Finalist for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools in 2017, it is highly likely to continue its legacy in establishing modern, green and sustainable programs of the school. In response, the internal and external stakeholders agreed in getting involved in supporting all programs.

             One of our innovative program was the Green School Program. It involves the promotion of renewable sources of energy, improvement of water quality as well as water and energy conservation in partnership with the local government.

             For Greening Program, each learning area has a mini garden to take care in reducing poor air quality.

            For paper conservation, conservation trays was used to collect scrap paper to be recycled.

For Waste Management, we have MRF, conducted Clean Up Drive, implements Imuseño Disiplinado best practices.

            For Water and Energy conservation, we have info campaign, Eco-Friendly signage’s, presence of Rain Water Harvester Facility.

           A Disaster Risk Reduction and Management for the safety of the entire school populace is highly implemented.

           With fast-pace walk of life, one must take part in reaching out to make a better eco-friendly community. Maribel M. Luig, OIC-Science/Eco-Friendly Coordinator


Environmental Dimension
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