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Writen by: Mr. Lito C. Claveria, Power-Up Class Coordinator

            ower – Up Class Program provides academic enrichment in Science and       

            Mathematics to grade 7-10 students through advance Science and   

            Mathematics classes, trainings, and mentoring programs. The program empowers students to  improve the participation rate in Science and Technology Fairs and Math Quiz Bees/Olympiads/Challenge. Further, it provides opportunities to students to excel in Science and Mathematics in a small classroom environment which focus on providing content and context riched instruction.

            Power - Up is also a preparatory program to STEM track courses in the Senior High School and College. It is in its nature of the program to deliver values, attitudes, and skills to Science inclined learners.

           Students admitted in the program will receive strong Science and Mathematics foundation from qualified teachers. The  small class size of the program enables the teachers to execute individualized instruction with  lesser disruption leading to enhanced learning and better results. The competitive students and teachers will become pride and prestige of the school.


Science Survivor.jpg


1. Provide quality, accessible, and liberating Science and Technology Education

2. Sharpen the competitive edge of students and teachers in Science and Mathematics

3. Widen and go beyond  the scope of Science and Mathematics competencies embedded in the K-12 curriculum guide.

4. Bring students to advance level in Science and Technology and Mathematics

5. Increase mastery and retention of Science and Mathematics concepts  through longer contact time

6. Produce battle-ready students in academics competitions

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