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green school program



Written by Brandon “Brandy” Parreñas (Teacher 1, Imus National High School Main)

          The environment is not only our greatest provider, but it is also our worst nightmare. We should always be reminded of our responsibility to protect her. We should also be aware that taking her for granted may cause negative impacts in our lives. Floods, earthquakes and fires are some of the disasters that the environment may bring us. And so, we heed to the call of becoming faithful servants of the environment. From world-wide actions to the nation-wide events, we engage ourselves to numerous advocacies that will help protect and preserve our beloved environment. And, at the same time, that will prepare us from the environmental adversities that we, humans, might have instigated.

          But in Imus National High School – Main, the actions to protect and preserve the environment have taken on a new level. Imus National High School shall not only strengthen the implementation of the environmental conservation practices such as the proper waste segregation and disposal, recycling and reusing, and organic gardening; but also, to take part in the crucial identification and proper execution of the effective plans to prepare us from the unpredictable environmental disasters.

          Thus, the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) program in Imus National High School was initiated.