he learning systems collaboratively developed and continuously improved, anchored on the community and learner's contexts and aspirations.  The curriculum provides for the development of all types of learners in the school community. The implemented curriculum is localized to make it more meaningful to the learners and applicable to life in the community.

     A representative group of school and community stakeholders develop the methods and materials for developing creative thinking and problem solving. The learning system are regularly and collaboratively monitored by the community using appropriated tools to ensure the holistic growth and development of the learners and the community.

     Appropriate assessment tools for teaching and learning are continuously reviewed and improved. Assessment results are contextualized to the learners, local situation and the attainment of relevant skills. Learning managers and facilitators (teachers, administrators and community members) nurture values and environment that are protective of all children and demonstrate behaviors consistent to the organization's vision, mission and goals.

     Methods and resources are learners and community-friendly, enjoyable, safe, inclusive and aimed at developing self-directed learners who are equipped with essential knowledge. skills and values to assume responsibility and accountability for their own learning.



1. Classroom Observation Reports

2. Action researches on learning and instruction

3. Student's portfolio for benchmarking visits

4. Image gallery (Activities, exhibits, visits, community

     involvement, etc.)

5. PLSS (Parent Learning Support) and CLSS (Community Learning

    support system

6. Proposals from stakeholders and school partners, PTA


7. Outreach Program, Tutoring Program

8. List of instructional materials and equipment and service centers

 9. Data/Test bank for learners, assessment results, list of mastered

     and not mastered skills, comparative analysis of periodic test


 10. School Best Practices

  • Advocacy campaigns on rights of learners (GAD/VAWC)

  • SBFP

 11. Functional student’s organization

  • Supreme Student Organization (SSG)

  • School Club

  • YES 

 12. Contests Participated (Division, Regional, National)