leadership and governance

         network of leadership that provides the vision and direction to the       

         education system making it relevant and responsive to the contexts of diverse communities. Leadership and Governance provides a Development Plan developed collaboratively by the stakeholders of the school and community.

         The school is organized by a clear structure and work arrangements that promote shared leadership and governance and define the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders.

         A leadership network facilitates communication between and among school and community leaders for informed decision-making and solving of school community wide-learning problems. A long term program is in operation that addresses the training and development needs of school and community leaders.



Priority Improvement Areas

1. Programs and Projects (PAPs)

2. Community-Based Child Mapping

3. Documentations (Evidences)

4. Organizational Structures       

5. Personnel handbook, School Manual of Operation

6. Job Order School Head, Faculty and other Important Positions

7. Calendar of Activities, Minutes of meetings, Activities,Assemblies

8. Minutes of Meeting -Parent and Teacher Conference (PTC)


10. School Partnership and Outreach Programs including 


11. Action Plans to address school needs

12. Teachers' Seminars and Academic Directory Listings

  • Filipino Department

  • English Department

  • Mathematics Department

  • Science Department

  • Araling Panlipunan Department

  • TLE Department

  • MAPEH Department

  • ESP Department

13. School Report Card

14.  SBM Accomplishment Report

  • SIP Accomplishment /Progress Report

  • SBM Validation Form

  • SBM Summary Template

  • SSG Accomplishment Report