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Barkada Kontra Droga


              chool Anti- Drug Abuse Council (SADAC) was established last August 2016 in response to

              Division Memorandum no. 98, s 2016 to push for a functional anti-drug abuse council and                        enforce RA 9165  - “Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002”.





1. To prevent drug abuse and use among our students thru development of desirable values, attitudes and practices

2. To maximize utilization of school resources which can contribute to the child's cognitive , affective and psychomotor development relative to drug abuse prevention

3. To provide in-service training of teachers and other school officials to enable them yo help young people enhance their life skills which relate yo the prevalence of drug abuse

4. To strengthen parent and community participation thru viable linkages with multi-sectoral organizations involved in the anti-drug abuse campaign




        The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency ( PDEA) representatives together with Cty of Imus Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CIADAC) and in coordination with SADAC educate IMUS NHS students about different forms,uses and effects of drugs. They also discussed relevant information about the penalties commensurate to the offenses or crime committed. The students' awareness about the penalties will prevent them from getting involve in the possession, use and keeping of illegal substances. They ended their session with a statement that "Prevention is better than cure". - Digna C. Claveria

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