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         With the goal of producing quality and competitive completers, 7 Grade 10 students of Computer Systems Servicing namely: John Alchristian M. Belarmino, Christian Gabriel P. Castro, Irish Diane L. Iniego, John Rey N. Pateno, Benedict Christian R. Santos (10-Bacon), Jojie T. Ojoylan (10-Newton), Lhandel N. Pelicano (10-Rousseau ) and 24 Grade 10 students of Technical Drafting namely Diana Elizabeth L. Calastre, Emster Apple Dalangin, Majarein Rosal B. De Ocampo, Jerryl T. Gesite, Nneka Mae Nazareno, Angelyn D. Oliverio, Jeremae A. Oro, Shiena Marie M. Palisan, Gwyneth S. Trujillo, Amery Joy Virata, Elijah Neil M. Dela Cruz, Mashall A. Japson, Julianne Joaquin Millanar, Eric B. Napoles, Russel Ray B. Putulin, Carlos Miguel G. Ramirez, Jhayvidson D. Telo (10-Aquinas), Margarette Louise L. Layosa, Kyle Jesse M. Peregrino (10-Mendel), Jullia Louise P. Nacar, John Reynald R. Carido, Daizkie Jireh T. Catalan (10-Kepler), Ven Lloyd B. Ribon and Ken Lennon C. De Ocampo (10-Curie) acquired their National Certificates II last March 2019 after having performed the competencies required in their respective specializations. 


                The said NC II student-passers are trained by Mr. Dennis Jay G. Gumboc (CSS), Mrs. Ermah Joy S. Estoesta and Mrs. Daryl T. Puringue (Technical Drafting) every weekdays, from 9:00AM – 12:00NN. The institution aims to develop more students, not only academically excellent but also technically-skilled life-long learners.

31 Grade 10 Students pass the National Certificate II Assessment

March 25, 2019

Dennis Jay G. Gumboc

Teacher I

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