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INHS Letters, Panitik Imuseno initiates journalism training for students

August 23, 2022

Daniel R. Gaad

      INHS Letters & Panitik Imuseno launched its initial training for the new set of student-journalists on August 10-12, 2022 as the publication seeks to enhance and develop the journalistic skills of interested students.

      The official school publication of Imus National High School offered this three-day in-person training to students who want to be part of the organization.

      The training program includes discussions on the basics of writing news, feature articles, columns, and editorials. It also offered introductory lectures on photojournalism, editorial cartooning, TV and radio broadcasting, and online and collaborative publishing.

      According to Gina D. Belarma, publication overseer and supervising head, the organization is excited to welcome back the students in order to quickly form the editorial board. The training was attended by almost 100 students across all grade levels as the publication seeks to reorganize itself after two years of distance learning.

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