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    Adapting to the New Normal is one of the most challenging things that an institution may face in this time of Pandemic. The Imus National High School with the supervision of School Principal, Mr. Arturo P. Rosaroso spearheaded the conduct of INHS 4.0:TURBOCHARGE with the theme, "Empowering Educators in the New Normal" with the support of Information and Educational Technology Services, an ICT-based program of INHS in developing EdTech Skills of teachers in preparation for the New Normal. The Five-Day Webinar Training Series was managed from June 22-26, 2020 via INHS 4.0 : Bagong Normal YouTube Channel,

    The participants of the said event  are the INHS Teaching Personnel and it was also open to all interested participants among the  different Divisions around the country. The five-day webinar training focuses on different topics such as Microsoft, GSuite, Canva for Education, Basic, Advanced and Proficiency Open Educational Resources and OBS Studio Live Streaming which was led by the ICT Teachers and Ed Tech Enthusiast of INHS. Furthermore, Ms. Jenielyn Padernal, Director, e-Learning Integration CYPHER Learning gave an overview and demonstration on how to utilize the NEO LMS as a Learning Management System. This aims to equip the teachers on the different learning platforms that may be used for the upcoming Opening of Classes this August 24, 2020.

     Currently, the Imus National High School starts to prepare for the Regional Pilot Testing on Online Teaching in which some of the classrooms are now transformed into Virtual Classroom which is located at GAD Building for the different learning areas. Each classroom has a built-in LED TV, Projectors, Laptop and/or Desktop with strong Internet Connection, White Screens and Boards with stand and other equipment through the effort of the different sponsors such as Rotary Club of Canada and Private Partnerships.

Empowering Educators in the New Normal

June 27, 2020

Dennis Jay G. Gumboc

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