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INHS SADAC organizes webinar on the Legal Aspects of Drugs and Crime

May 21, 2021​

Ma. Lita P. Kaiklian

       May 21, 2021 – The School Anti- Drug Abuse Council (SADAC) of Imus national High School, the Barkada Kontra Droga in Partnership with  Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) organized a webinar on Drug Education and awareness dubbed as Drugs and Crime: Legal Aspects.

The teachers and employees of INHS come together via zoom  platform to enhance the understanding of criminal justice expert of current production and trafficking trends characterizing the illegal use of  drugs.

       Principal IV of INHS, Arturo P. Rosaroso Jr. introduced the webinar summarizing its intended outcomes as well as offering a short overview of the scope and objectives of the INHS’ goal towards a drug-free campus. Mr. Rosaroso outlined the program’s role in strengthening inter-school channels of communication between INHS personnel and  criminal justice institutions in Imus City,  and in facilitating anti-drug-abuse programs and advocacies and investigations drug related incidents in school and community. His remarks is filled with his desire to fill the minds of INHS community with the knowledge and capacities to respond effectively to current challenges posed by emerging illegal drug use issues.

       A presentation was offered by Registered Criminologist, Mary Ann M. Mahilom-Lorenzo, MSCJ. Ms. Lorenzo who is the PDEA Region IV-A Chief of Preventive Education and Community Involvement and the Public Information Officer of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency , discussed the different synthetic drugs highlighting the nature of their respective production and handling methods. She further discussed the different laws involving the regulation of drug use and abuse highlighting the RA 9165 or the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 and described instances,  actions and activities that may lead a student to illicit use of drugs which shed light on the challenges that may occur in educational institutions and the community.

       The ensuing open forum session offered participants an opportunity to interact with the speaker and clarify remaining doubts. The participants  pointed  the importance of raising awareness around the prohibited use of drugs. They raised their appreciation of the webinar in enabling them to gain responsiveness and knowledge of the current trends in drug trafficking.

       The webinar concluded with closing remarks of Ms. Gloria R. Dumaguing, SADAC Vice-Chair.  She conveyed the journey of INHS which experienced drug related issues in the past to becoming a drug free campus at present.

       This online seminar was organized as part of SADAC's efforts to strengthen capacities of INHS teachers and employees in facing prohibited drug related challenges . It received positive feedback with participants rating it as extremely useful of the view that they would apply the knowledge within the next six months. This is the second online activity of INHS SADAC organized through the initiative of its focal person, Digna D. Claveria, which contributes to ensuring trainings and knowledge are still made available despite the challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis.

       This training was delivered online, in compliance with minimum health protocol recommendations for physical distancing due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis through the hosting of INHS Science teacher, Mr. Raffy  C. Cajuday.

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