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    The Imus National High School would like to determine the percentage of INHS teachers, non-teaching personnel, learners, parents and other stakeholders that has access to and utilizes DepEd Commons ( during this time of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

    The survey will serve as basis for the Imus National High School in drafting appropriate policy recommendations that will (1) help improve the delivery of quality services to clientèles, especially our learners; and, (2) adapt to the public health situation, as necessary.

    To ensure the protection of privacy of participants in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Findings will not be linked directly to each participant and will only be used for consolidation purposes and policy recommendations.


(Please input N/A if not applicable)

Full Name




For Learners, Grade Level


For Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel, choose your department.


Contact Number

a. accessibility (Pag-access)

(Please input N/A if not applicable)

1. Do you have internet access at home? 

    (Mayroon ka bang internet access sa bahay?)

2. What type of gadget/device do you usually use to access DepEd Commons?  

    (Anong uri ng gadget/ device ang kalimitang ginagamit mo sa pag-access ng DepEd Commmons?)

3. How will you rate your satisfaction with your Internet Connection at home?

    (Gaano kaaayos / kastable ang koneksyon ng internet sa inyong bahay?)

4. Have you heard DepEd Common? If yes, where?  (Alam mo na ba ang tungkol sa DepEd Common? Kung Oo, saan?)

5. Have you tried accessing the platform? If no, why? (Nasubukan mo na ba na maka-access sa DepEd Common? Kung hindi, bakit?)

6. How much time do you spend accessing it daily? (Gaano ka katagal gumamit ng DepEd Commons sa isang araw?)

7. Aside from DepEd Common, are you using other Learning Portal? If yes, what specific learning portal?

   (Bukod sa DepEd Common gumagamit ka ba ng ibang learning portal?  Kung Oo, anong learning portal?)


b. usage (gamit)

(Please input N/A if not applicable)

1. How do you find the delivery/discussion of lessons in every subject area?  

    (Ano ang masasabi mo sa paraan ng paglalahad ng mga aralin sa bawal asignatura?)

2. To what extent is the difficulty of every assessment/exercise given after each lesson? 

    (Gaano kahirap o kadali ang mga pagsusulit/pagtataya/ sa bawat aralin?)

3. What challenges have you encountered in using the system?  

    (Ano ang mga kinaharap mong mga pagsubok/kahirapan sa paggamit ng DepEd Common system?)

4.  What are the good points of this system that make you interested to use it?  

      (Ano ang naging dahilan upang maging interesado ka sa paggamit nito?)

5.  What is the positive effect of DepEd Commons to you? 

      (Ano ang mabuting dulot sa iyo ng DepEd Commons?)

6.  Should you wish to suggest any improvement, what is it? 

      (Sa iyong palagay, ano pa ang maaaring isagawang pagpapaunlad sa sytem na ito?)

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