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          Learning is a continuous process. As technology arises, teachers and learners need to deal with a lot of information that can be gathered online. 
          As the COVID-19 Pandemic arises, Philippines is one of the countries around the globe that has been paralyzed by the said virus. Enhanced Community Quarantine was declared by the government which results in cancellation of classes and prohibited people to go outside. For this reason, Imus National High School with the help of the Information Technology System decided to upload the necessary lessons, videos, pictures and others of Asia Ruggedized Education System donated by the Rotary Club in their official school website,, managed by the ICT teachers. It caters different sites from Primary to Secondary, Adult Reference and Teachers Reference Materials.
          Since the resources are available online, lessons can be accessed not only by the students of the Imus National High School but also by other stakeholders who will open the said link. Through this, the administration believes that available resources will surely help the learners, teachers, parents and other stakeholders continue learning even at home. In some way, the ITS also asks other teachers to share their localized learning materials being used in their classes as additional resources. Furthermore, the website also includes links of free educational resources that caters English, Math, Science, Computer and other Learning Ares. And for the suggestions and recommendations  for the improvement of the system,user can answer the feedback form provided. At the same time for monitoring of the users, the team includes a Home Page for ARES to gather basic information such as School Name, School Level, Full Name (Optional) and Category ensuring the protection of participants in accordance with Data Privacy Act of 2012.

ARES and other Learning Resources are now accessible in INHS School Website

April 12, 2020

Dennis Jay G. Gumboc

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