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         The yearly increase of Imus National High School enrolment indicates not only the growth of the city in terms of population but also its achievement for the passed three (3) years that leads towards academic discipline and excellence. This challenges the school on how to cater the huge number of enrollees per day as scheduled last May 6-17, 2019. 

          The Guidance Center of Grade 7 to Grade 10 respectively handled the said activity through the strong leadership of the school head, Mr. Arturo P. Rosaroso Jr. Enrolment procedure was implemented effectively with the assistance of all the department heads  in the different learning areas and in coordination with the chairman of each grade level. Mrs. Gloria R. Dumaguing and Mrs. Erlinda S. Ochate , the school guidance counselors monitored the day to day schedule . Moreover, grade 7 to 10 guidance teachers and other teaching personnel assigned as enrolment officers were being oriented on how to hold the process flow in which was properly implemented. All enrollees were catered according to the needed services, with or without the needed requirements. 
           As of June 7, 2019, the enrolment summary given by the EBEIS coordinator Mrs. Aquilina B. Satsatin is as follow :

                                           Male                               Female                          Total        

Grade 7                             917                                    916                              1833         

Grade 8                             937                                    962                              1899          

Grade 9                             928                                    950                              1878          

Grade 10                           689                                    789                              1478          

Total                                  3471                                 3617                             7088          

INHS Main Enrollment Updates

June 7, 2019

Marivel T. Dela Cruz

Teacher II

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