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November 27, 2019

Digna DC. Claveria

          In compliance with the DepEd Memorandum No. 128, s. 2019, Imus National High School unified and exerted efforts to conduct various programs and activities in line with the goals of Barkada Kontra Droga (BKD) and the 2019 Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) Week themed “Katarungan para sa Kalusugan, Kalusugan para sa Katarungan”.

          BKD school’s focal person, Mrs. Digna C. Claveria was the light for the success of these series of events with the undying support of the visionary school head Mr. Arturo P. Rosaroso, Jr. They led the whole team to fulfill its goals, not only for the benefit of the school and the organization, but also to the community that relies to them. Months prior to the start of the DAPC Week, several  info drives , meetings and surveys were conducted by BKD within the school and to the barangay. On November 17, 2019, during Flag Raising ceremony, the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) Week celebration was graced with the Prayer of the Holy Rosary was held at INHS covered court. Indeed matching the common saying, ‘two birds in one shot’… two activities were held at the span of one day. INHS’ Barkada Kontra Droga (BKD) conducted Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) Week opening program at the same time inculcating the Prayer of the Holy Rosary. To achieve the aims of BKD, its programs and the DAPC Week, altogether they sought guidance from the Lord.

          The following day, November 18, guest speaker Dr. Abigail P. Muhi shared and talked about the devastating effects of drugs and how destructive it can be to one’s life and also, the importance of being aware and being careful in order to be safe. The activity was entitled SAFETY FIRST: Be Aware, Be Careful, Be Safe. A symposium on Drug Awareness and Legal Bases led by the speaker Sgt. Mary Jane M. Masangcay took place at INHS covered court. Afterwards, speaker Ms. Marcela H. Briones talked about Mental Health Awareness, the value of living a mentally happy and content life and how giving importance to one’s mental health can create an impact and change perspectives on living. INHSians also participated in FEED: Faith Enlightenment and Empowerment against Drugs. Guest speaker was Ptr. Krizzia Kate D. Yuzon.

          November 20, effects of using illicit drugs became the focus of Watch, Reflect and Learn (WRL). INHS BKD conducted Room to Room campaigns on various sections and different grade levels. Mascot Parade and Mascot Testimony follwed School Organizations such as SSG, Interact, YES-O, Junior Polaris, KADIPAN Young Entrepreneurs, DRUM n Lyre Band, of course with BKD officers and adviser altogether conducted this day’s series of activities including the highlight, NBAID: Noise Barage Against Illegal Drugs. MAD, Motorcade Against Drug Abuse was also held. Another fun activity, Condemnation Signing took place at INHS on November 21. Ikaw ba ay mamamayang kontra droga? Kung OO, pirma na!

          On November 22, SADAM: Solidarity Against Drugs and Advocacy Meeting was conducted together with CIADAC, BADAC, CSWD, VAWC, SK, KID Movement, Jollibee and Watugs Cavite. In partnership with Teatro Imuseno, on November 25, BKD’s Musical Literacy Program was assembled. Joining music and the aims of the event to further impart knowledge on students in an exciting way they will surely enjoy. Ayos, Bungkal, Kultibeyt at Dilig sa Ecofriendly Gulayan at Hardin (ABKDEGH) happened on November 26, teaming up with Yes-O, KADIPAN, Young Entrepreneurs, Young Math Wizards and KPSEP. And on the last day of the program, November 26, 2019, Gawad ASTIG (Adbokasiyang Sumasalungat at Tumutuligsa sa Iligal na Gamot) was held. Winners of different contests were awarded by giving them Recognition certificates.

          Beadsmaking –Kumikitang Libangan was also one of the highlights wherein OHSP students participated in making coinpurse, key chains, fashionable bracelets as a way of learning how to earn an income using the skills in using beads with a very minimal amount of capital.

          Truly, those series of activities will not be a success without the partnership and collaboration of different organizations and stakeholders, most importantly without the guidance of Almighty God.

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