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          The history of INHS main learning center had been blessed by remarkable successes evident in the high ranking data of passers. In 2016 the program garnered 48.78% rate with 40 out of 82 takers passed the ALS A&E Test assessment . In 2017, the passers rate rose to 59.86 as 85 out of 142 takers passed the ALS A&E test Assessment. And finally in 2018, the program was still able to achieve its dominance as it received a 57.80 passers rate as 63 out of 109 takers passed the ALS A&E Test assessment.

           Indeed the journey towards the great future of INHS-Main ALS program may still be a long way to come.  But Because of the people who work tirelessly for the program and the students who continue to support the system , a meaningful metamorphosis is definitely a sure one.


June 12, 2019

Alexander S. Reyes

Teacher III/ALS Coordinator

ALS Passers.jpg
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